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September 2019:  We had another beautiful summer here, with July being the hottest month ever recorded.  Our lighthouse withstood hurricane Dorian without any damage.  The access issues are still unresolved.  Boulders block the deeded easement path and discourage some from walking to the heritage lighthouse, but by no means all.  DFO continues to try and negotiate with the landowner who does not want the path to become public.  Without a clear path distinguished by signage and other guided markings, visitors do not know where to go and end up meandering around.  It seems we'd all benefit from the resolution of the path issue so the community can designate the path and reduce confusion.  Visitation to this Heritage Lighthouse is obviously not going to stop.

January 2019:  Renovations and repairs are as good as done and have exceeded expectations!  The Lighthouse looks amazing thanks to the hard work of DFO and the Coast Guard.  We are still waiting for them to also solve the right-of-way issues so that the community group can take ownership.


​As of 3 July 2018,  DFO/Coast Guard have begun major repairs to the lighthouse!  She is getting a major overhaul that includes a new top to look like the original!  We are still working towards ownership and a public right-of-way.


January 2018 the right of way issues are still unresolved.  We continue trying to find ways to insure public access to this heritage lighthouse.

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As of August 2016 we are in another holding pattern while right-of-way issues are still unresolved.  


As of April 1, 2016 the final papers were submitted for the transfer of the deed to the community (through the Terence Bay Lighthouse Committee).  There are a few details to get sorted out before we can begin repairs.  The next step is for DFO to arrange the staking out of the official right-of-way to the light.  This summer we will be building a boardwalk and clearly defining the right-of-way path for visitors.  We hope to begin repairs on the lighthouse in late summer or fall 2016.


May 2015: We have been granted heritage status for our lighthouse! We are in the final stages of gaining ownership.  


The Shorelines Project was a big success in the community!


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